Preparatory Choir

Prep_CH1 8x10Preparatory Choir features singers in the 3rd and 4th grades. Singers become acquainted with their voices using fun music games, unison and 2-part music, and interactions and performances with Children’s Choir 1. Singing games provide a joyful way from which to teach basic vocal production and literacy. Preparatory Choir is introduced to the solfege system (do, re, mi, etc., in combination with hand signs to match those tones in the scale). Correct breathing, posture, vowel production, and diction are stressed. In addition, the child is taught performance and choir rehearsal etiquette. These singers are always a joy to watch, both during rehearsals and performances. The sparkle in their eyes and excitement on their faces as they sing is contagious. Rehearsals are on Tuesday nights from 6:15pm-7:15pm.

Preparatory Choir was originally named Training Choir and was established in 1988.

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