HVCC’s Mission Statement

The purpose of the Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir is to give each child the opportunity to find the artist within. Through the study and performance of a wide variety of excellent musical literature, the child learns, shares, and enjoys. The Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir believes that children:


  •     about history and cultures through music.
  •     discipline and self-management through participation in choir.
  •     that musicality is an important part of the learning process.
  •     to appreciate excellent musical literature.


  •     their unique individuality with each other, which contributes to the success of the whole choir.
  •     the highest level of excellence in public and recorded performances.
  •     and contribute to the cultural life of Corvallis, Oregon, the Nation and the World.


  •     a choir that maintains a climate of warmth and valuing people.
  •     themselves and personal expression when they feel positive about their experiences.
  •     participating.
  •     evaluation and competition as part of the growth process when they recognize the primary area of competition is within their own potential.
  •     singing for its own sake.


Read more about HVCC:

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