HVCC 2015 Summer Choir Camp

Summer Choir CampThis summer we are offering a unique musical experience to children (3rd-5th grades as of Fall 2015) in our community. For one week singers will learn the secrets to beautiful singing through song games and vocal activities. Singers will also learn solfege, singing techniques, and rehearse several songs that they will perform together in a concert at the end of the week! There is NO other program like this in our area. Singers of ALL experience levels are welcome, but we have a 40 singer maximum. So, register today to ensure your singer is a part of HVCC’s Summer Choir Camp!

June 15th-19th, 2015 from 9:00am-11:30am at the First Presbyterian Church
Evening concert on June 19, 2015 (call time TBA)
$60 per singer, grades 3-5 (as of Fall 2015), 25 singer minimum, 40 singer maximum
Registration begins March 18, 2015, Forms are due by June 5, 2015

Registration forms can be downloaded here–> HVCC 2015 Summer Choir Camp Registration Form
Registration forms can either be completed and turned in to the office during office hours (listed in the upper right corner of our website) or mailed with payment to the HVCC office at:
260 SW Madison Ave., Ste#101, Corvallis, OR  97333

If you have any questions, please contact us at: hvccoffice@gmail.com


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