Dine-Out Event at El Sol de Mexico!

el solWe have scheduled our first Dine-Out Event of the year! Throughout the choir we will be scheduling Dine-Out Events at local restaurants. These are great events to invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to! The money raised from Dine-Out Events goes toward the Tour Scholarship Fund and benefits anyone who is participating in a tour and needs assistance. Our first event is on October 8th at El Sol de Mexico, located at 9th street and Garfield in Corvallis. This event is ALL DAY, so come for lunch or come for dinner and invite everyone you know (just forward them this email or share it on Facebook!)! A flyer IS REQUIRED for HVCC to receive any credit, so make sure you bring one (find it HERE)!!!


2 thoughts on “Dine-Out Event at El Sol de Mexico!

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